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Dead Code, Application Monitoring, Tips for Software Engineers and Things they should Know – Vainolo’s Weekly Reading

The cost of dead code and the only technique you need to know to clean it up
Dead code isn’t always obvious. It has a tendency to impact how developers think the system actually works. Often, it requires studying the system in detail to uncover. Without the time to do this, dead code competes for the mental capacity to understand how a system works”.

10 Practical Tips for Software Engineers
And assorted list of tips, some of them weird (and funny) but in my experience, very true. For example “Be a rubber duck, find a rubber duck”.

Top 12 Things Every Software Engineer Should Know
A very good list. What I like the most is that it is not focused on the technical skills we must have, but on more general skill like basic project management, security and business.

Synthetic Vs Real Application Monitoring: Why You Need Both
We would like to monitor our service based only on real user data. But this is not enough to know that everything is OK. There are many paths that are hard to monitor continuously using only customer data. And when these paths fail, only a customer failure will tell us.

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