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Truths for Developers, Software Complexity, Happiness and Procrastination – Vainolo’s Weekly Reading

What I tell all new programmers
A good list of what is programming and how you can be a great programmer. Some truths that many developers still fight about, like “There is no ‘best language’. Some languages & tools are better at solving some problems than others. As you learn different languages, don’t try and port your old thinking to the new system. Instead learn how to program idiomatically in the new language.”

Complexity in Software 1: Black Boxes and Message-Oriented Programming
Object-Oriented programming is usually associated with objects and encapsulation, but many forget the messages, which are how the object communicate. “OOP is not about the language, it’s about the perspective you approach your system”. Very good reading

Why Happiness at Work Really Matters
Another article on why happy workers are better workers. But happiness does not come from perks. Happiness comes from what you do. Also, some “happiness” tips to create a happier workplace

How to Short-Circuit Procrastination by Starting Before You’re Ready
Procrastination is parallel to analysis paralysis – the fear of starting something before you know everything. But you will never know everything, so simply start, and postpone decisions until the last moment possible.

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