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Who is Vainolo?

Hi, my name is Arieh Bibliowicz and welcome to my small corner in the internet, which is divided into three: my technical blog, personal blog and invesment blog (not enough time to maintain it).

I am a Program Manager (a strange mix between a product manager and a project manager) at Microsoft, in the Azure Active Directory group. My team develops technologies that enable remote access to on-prem applications from outside a corporate network, and I specifically work on Azure AD Application Proxy, which does this by creating a front-end to the application on the Azure cloud, and then passing the request to the on-prem application using a lightweight connector application located on-prem.

On my spare time, I am also PhD student in the Information Systems Management area of the Industrial Engineering faculty of the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. I am working on the executable aspects of OPM – The Object Process Methodology. While doing this, I am creating an OPM visual modeling platform on top of the Eclipse IDE, based on the EMF and GEF frameworks. My current research interest are visual programming, programming languages in general, and project management (we are a long long way from knowing how software projects should be managed, and this bothers be. But I feel that agile methodologies are taking us in the right direction). I am a member of the Technion’s Enterprise System Modeling Lab (ESML).

I have been a programmer for more than 15 years, with experience in highly available, mission critical systems. During my time in the industry I worked as a programmer, team leader, system engineer/architect and even managed a 14-18 team of programmers for half a year (but managing is not yet my favorite sport :-), so I decided to give it to someone else who want to do it and return to my old system engineer/architect position). I have programmed principally in Ada, Java, with very good knowledge of SQL (at least had good knowledge, but as time passes things fade in the memory). During my undergraduate years I also met other less mainstream languages like Lisp and Prolog. I also worked as a research assistant of Eli Biham, during which we worked on creating a language for the definition and automatic cryptanalysis of block ciphers (see my research page for more information).

I LOVE Coursera, edX and all other online courses. I studied:

  • Functional Programming Principles in Scala. A great course, with the creator of scala Martin Odersky. Teaches the fundamentals of Functional Programming in a clear and short manner, with real university style exercises :-). I finished the course and earned the course certificate with distinction.
  • Software Engineering for SaaS (previously at coursera, now called Software as a Service at edX). Seemed like a great course at the start, I leaned some ruby, created some rails apps, did some unit tests but then things got complicated… I wrote about this some time ago. Nevertheless, I learned a lot, and also received a course certificate.

I take part in the StackExchange, a great set of Q&A sites for many topics from programming to finance.

profile for vainolo on Stack Exchange, a network of free, community-driven Q&A sites

I am also a Friend of Eclipse – I use Eclipse every day, and giving back, even something small, makes the world a better place.

The Web Code Geeks site is re-publishing some of the content that I publish, which is a great honor

Web Code Geeks

I am happily married and father of 4 (yes, FOUR) lovely kids.


  1. vijay vijay


    I followed your tutorial regarding the GEF and learned about the framework. I have a diff. requirement though and would really appreciate if you can help on it. I would like to draw a line as the mouse is dragged between 2 leaves of 2 models, these 2 models are displayed as a tree side by side within a View of eclipse plugin. Please let me know if its possible to do it.


    • I’m sure it can be done by overriding the feedback of the connection edit policy, but I haven’t tried this.

  2. Spimees Spimees

    Hello Arieh, very helpful website you have, many thanks !!
    I am not sure where to post this, so here it is here…

    I am starting my PHD and I have to create a graphical editor to design concurrent and distributed systems. could you give me some feed-back on the process ? What would you do differently now ? I am also a bit hesitant on adopting emf for my models, the benefits are very good but things will sure get very ugly when I need to edit the generated code, is emf worth it ?

    There’re also a lot of frameworks, between GMF, Sirius, Graphiti, etc, they are nice, but seems to be a risky choice in my case.

    Also, what about the new GEF implementation ?

    Could you also give me some general advice ?

    Thanks in advance.

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