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FDD, Agile Pitfalls, Tricks to make Progress, and the MCR – Vainolo’s Weekly Readings

Last updated on 2014-09-23

Fear Driven Development – FDD
There are many methodologies that can help you deliver better products: TDD, BDD, and even DDD. And there is also one that can help destroy your team and create failed projects. And that is FDD. Make sure you are not practicing it.

Pitfalls on Agile Software Development
Agile is not a silver bullet. Even projects developed with agile can fail (but since failure is a bad word, this is now called “pivoting”). The idea is to minimize the cost of failure. Oh, and Agile needs trust. Lots of it.

How to Trick Yourself into Making Real Progress
“[neither] money, fame, or fear that drives us to do our best work. Instead, it’s making progress on meaningful work that’s key for staying motivated, productive, and creative.”. Therefore diving work into small tasks and making small progress is a great tool to maintain your motivation.

Minimum Credible Release (MCR) and Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the smallest possible release you should make in order to start getting feedback from customers, specially early adopters. But after this you need to evolve and improve your product in order to really grow. The Minimum Credible Releases (MCR) is the next step after the MVP, and the same as MPVs, you should measure its success, usage, etc.

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