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How Microsoft became agile, being a doctor, defining quality, and writing a blog – Vainolo’s weekly reading

How Microsoft dragged its development practices into the 21st century
A story of how Microsoft moved from the good-old waterfall software development methodology to more agile, fast and customer friendly methodologies.

At the office, are you a doctor or a patient?
When you go to your boss, are you talking to him as a doctor or as a patient? Are you asking for solutions or having a conversation on how to solve the problem?

Agile and the Definition of Quality
“Quality can be elusive if you don’t know how to find it, or you don’t know where to look.  Worse, even when you know where to look, you need to know how to manage the diversity of conflicting views.”

Why software engineers should maintain a blog
How many times have you found in a blog just the right solution to the problem you are trying to solve? It’s time to give back, even if just a little.

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