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The Elevator Test, the Theory of Motivation, DRY enough, and are Humans “Resources?” – Vainolo’s Weekly Readings

Can Your Team Pass The Elevator Test?
“Software developers think their job is writing code. But it’s not. Their job is to solve the customer’s problem”. Are you simply writing core or are you solving YOUR customer’s problem?

95% of Managers Follow an Outdated Theory of Motivation
“a recent study by psychologist Susan David … asked people what made them so engaged and excited about their work. 96% of the employees didn’t mention pay at all… In describing their motivations at work, highly engaged employees “highlighted feeling autonomous and empowered, and a sense of belonging on their teams.”
Food for thought.

When is your code DRY enough?
Is having duplicate code always bad? Not really – “DRY is not about identical chunks of bits or characters in different places. DRY aims at not repeating domain concepts”

People Are Not Resources
“People aren’t resources! People finish work. If you don’t want us to finish projects, let’s decide which projects not to do. Then we can re-allocate people, if we want. But we don’t start with people. That’s crazy.”

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