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Culture, Standups, Hating your code, and Sharing information – Vainolo’s weekly readings

Based on suggestions from a number of sites, I decided to update the title of my weekly reading list to include more data on what is inside. Let’s see if the data supports this :-). So here they are, some interesting articles from my last week of internet reading.

What Will Fast Company Write about Your Startup’s Culture?
Focus on what will excite your customer, and from that start distilling what is the minimum you must do to give it to them.
“At Amazon, before the product has been built or even spec’d, the product manager has a vital task that will shape the entire product development process. The product manager must write a press release that announces the finished product.”

I Hate My Code
“No matter how good you are, your code will look bad to you tomorrow.”

To Standup or Not to Standup
“In theory the standup meeting is a great idea. However, in practice, holding an effective standup is hard”. Oh! How true…

How to be an information flow superhero: beyond not surprising your boss
Interesting tips on how to manage what you have done, remember it, and communicate it to others. Very useful.

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