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Weekly Reading Material – 28/04/2014

Getting back to normal after some very complicated months… Here it is again – the weekly reading list.

Why A Secured Network Is Like The Human Body
It’s time to throw away the analogies about building fortresses and perimeter defenses and start to approach InfoSec with the same standard of care we use for public health.

So Far, Big Data Is Small Potatoes & The Hidden Biases in Big Data
While the Big Data hype is going on, some are questioning if we are not going a bit too far, confusing correlation with causation. Some examples are given where we have a lot of data (genetics and neuroscience) but we still don’t have much of a clue what it all means.

Why Full-time Programming is a Part-Time Job
“Bashing away at a keyboard feels productive – lots of characters appear on the screen, so it even looks productive. But unless the idea behind the characters have been thought through, it probably isn’t very productive. At the very least, it isn’t efficient.”

I Don’t Think That Software Development Word Means What You Think It Means
“There are several terms used inappropriately or incorrectly in software development… the misuse of terms has led to negative experiences and soiled reputations for those terms”.

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