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On Leading, Software Defects, Technical Debt, and Big Data – Vainolo’s Weekly Readings

I’ve been somewhat silent lately, because of a three-week long hiatus (I always wanted to use that word!) of business and personal travel + getting back to regular life. But on the plus side, there’s a lot of good material that I read during this time, so enjoy!

Why Do You Want to Lead People?
Many engineers see themselves as becoming managers in their next career step. But have you wondered why you really want to become a manager? This posts asks very good questions and gives some insights into them. Thought provoking.

The primary cause of defects in software
“The primary cause of defects in software is building software that shouldn’t be built in the first place”. How true.

Technical Debt is Inevitable
Even if you practice all of the latest and greatest practices, even if you do TDD, BDD, CD, tomorrow you’ll always be better than you where yesterday. And in six months you will be looking at your code and wondering what money wrote it. So just relax a bit and accept that something will always be broken in your code. The good thing is that you can always fix it, and if you are following the best practices, this will not be a problem.

Big Data Needs Big Brains
“You can collect all the data, but unless you really know what questions you want to ask, it’s going to be pretty pointless”, otherwise you have just probably discovered something obvious using expensive and complicated tools.,big-data-needs-big-brains.aspx

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