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Book Review – Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion

There are things that are hard to change, and one of them is human nature. And this book, written 30 years ago, is a proof of this. While society has changed a lot in the last 30 years, technology has revolutionized the world, communication is now instantaneous… but our brain hasn’t evolved that fast, and we still behave like the caveman that for thousands of years only had 2 options: fight of flight.

In “Influence“, Robert B. Cialdini gives us  a small glimpse into how much our brain is hard-wired to react in specific ways to specific types of input by using social and psychological experiments on people just like you and me.

From the reciprocity principle that makes us feel obligated to another person after they have done us a favor, even when we didn’t as for it; To the amount of effort we spend in being consistent even when the basic premise on which we are basing our consistency was implanted externally. And much, much more.

To those interested in sociology, psychology, behavioral science, and just plain understanding what makes us go “Click, whirr”, this book is for you. I loved it.

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