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Weekly Reading Material – 17/04/2014

A bit late this time because of the holidays. The highlights of my last week of internet reading. Enjoy

5 People Who Destroy Your Culture
While culture is a bit overrated lately, it is still very important. Check the list to see if you fit one of the profiles; if you do, you are hurting your team, yourself and your career.

How to Scale Yourself and Get More Done Than You Thought Possible
“If you find yourself saying, ‘I need to work late to catch up,’ then that’s a problem, that’s a big problem … The remedy isn’t as easy as “hoping” you’ll catch up with your to-do list. Hope is not a plan, … Hope is nothing but waiting and letting life happen to you.”

Unit Testing 101
Unit tests are good. Mocks can do magic. “Go in peace, and may all your tests be green”. GREAT (and funny) presentation.

Analysis Paralysis: Over-thinking and Knowing Too Much to Just CODE
“Perfect is the enemy of the good” – “stick to requirements, not more”

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