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Weekly Reading Material – 20/03/2014

Here are some interesting articles from my last week of internet reading. Enjoy.

The Programmer Productivity Paradox
“If the average programmer writes about 50 lines of production code a day.  A 50,000 line program would take 1,000 man days to produce.  The 50,000 line listing can be entered by a programmer at about 1,000 lines a day or about 50 man days. So what the heck are the developers doing for the other 950 days?”

So what is the Product Backlog?
Interesting analysis of what is this thing we call the product backlog. “I think that the product backlog main role in the project is to serve as an interface between the business facing aspect of the product AKA the Problem space and the technical sides AKA the Solution space”.

Buy the Sandwich, Not the Meal
“If you don’t need it, then don’t buy it, don’t write it, don’t think about writing it. We’ve all heard it before, just need a reminder every once in a while. So just say no, do what you really need to do, and live a good life.”

3 Reasons to raise the bar for enterprise product MVPs
Interesting analysis of the difference between a consumer MVP and an enterprise MVP . “the MVP [for enterprise products] needs to be good enough that your customers and your channel see enough value from the first release that they’ll forgive the flaws”.

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