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Two tales of great customer service

Last updated on 2017-04-27


Good service creates happy customers, and happy customers keep coming back to spend more money. Here are two examples of GREAT customer service that I experienced last week.

Is your cat hungry?

I have two cats at home, and like all members of the animal kingdom, they have a tendency to eat their food and finish 2-3 bags of it every month (what chutzpa!). I used to go and buy them food from the local pet shop until they introduced their delivery service, so I only had to call them, ask for the food and it was delivered to my door the next day. But sometimes I forgot to call them so I would have to go late at night to the supermarket and buy a small bag of food for 10 times the price I usually pay for it.

But last week the woman from the pet shop called me and asked me if I needed food delivered to my home. The call was done at 7pm, so I was home and able to check if I really needed the food. And yes, I had only a couple of days left of food. I asked her how she knew and she told me that she follows the orders that every customer does and learns the pattern (no idea if manually or using some kind of software), so she knew my cat food was about finished. How cool! Now I don’t even have to remember to order the food!

Are you missing a piece?

If you follow my blog, you probably know that I love Lego and I have partially succeeded in passing this love to my kids. On my last business trip I bought a Lego garbage truck for my son, and after he sat down and built it (alone!) we were missing the stickers that should come with the set.

Having read that Lego has great customer service, I searched and found that they have a Bricks & Pieces page where you can ask for missing pieces and they are sent to your home. So I went and requested the missing stickers and they are now in the mail. I really hope to get them soon


I will definitely keep on buying from my local pet shop, even if it is more expensive than other places, because they are saving me mental effort. And Lego… well, I would still buy Lego even if their customer service was awful because their products are very good. But now I like them better :-).

So, how are you making your customer happier today?

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