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I Want to be a Superhero

I want to be a superhero. Two things I did this week convinced me of this. First, I saw Iron Man. Great movie. I also finished reading Choose Yourself! by James Altucher.

I decided to write about this because most people think that heroes need superpowers, or at least very good hardware like Iron Man. We have learned this from childhood: Superman, Spider Man, Batman, and all the others. But this is a mistake, and one that is typical of software developers – confusing requirements with implementation details.

As James Altucher points out, “The only superpower you really need is the one to constantly cultivate the attitude that forces you to ask, from the minute you wake up, to the minute you fall asleep, “What life can I save today?” It’s a practice. Often we forget it. We resist it.”.┬áSuperpowers are not the requirement, they are one way to implement the “Superhero” feature.

It is probably cooler and easier to be a superhero if you have superpowers, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be a superhero without them. Create your own superpowers. If you know something that nobody else knows, share it with us. If you can do things that nobody else does (or better than most), teach us how.

Or just be a good person… this is a very underrated superpower.

Share your knowledge and you will become a superhero. Just like James has become a superhero. At least for me.

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