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Life and Death. We are in the Middle

Two weeks (or is it three already?) my uncle died. Seems that cancer had been eating him for the last couple of years and in the last month it did its final act and took him away. We loved you when you lived and we will miss you now. But life goes on.

We are only in the path between life and death (at least until someone manages to find the elixir of eternal youth). You, me, everyone. But it takes a death to wake us up and shake us a bit. It reminds us of how fragile we are and how little control we have over the universe. It makes us think about what is important in life. And we (well, at least I) have to be reminded a lot about this. Otherwise forget. And we get angry at our kids for doing dumb things, but they are kids and are learning every day (don’t get me wrong, we have to teach our children, but getting angry doesn’t teach anything). We get angry at our spouses for no reason (Sorry baby). We get angry at our friends/co-workers for (mostly) stupid reasons. And at the end we die. And what did we achieve with our anger? Zero. Nada. Nothing. So note to self – stop getting angry over stupid things. Breath. Close your eyes. Count to three. Whatever helps, do it. Love the people around you and be kind to them. This will make you happy (well, hopefully :-)).

Sorry for getting so existentialist on you. But such is life. But life is good and while I haven’t posted in some time I have learned a LOT in the last couple of weeks, so stay tuned for more technical stuff and less mumbo-jumbo!

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