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Improving My Writing Using Semicolons

Last updated on 2012-12-11

Last semester I took a (compulsory) course on English writing. The course was actually both interesting and fun; It helped me improve my writing a lot. One of the things I remember from the course is that most people don’t know how to use the semi-colon (;), but it is a helpful tool to create better and easier to understand texts. And now I am detached from my code (and it hurts!) writing a paper describing my work. So what a better opportunity to apply the new knowledge? But having forgotten all the material of the course, I went to Prof. Google and asked him “use of semicolon“. What a surprise that the first search result is from the Oatmeal: a comic named how to use a semicolon! I never thought grammar could be explained in such a funny way.

Oh! They also have a complete grammar pack. Cool.

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