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More on Web Fonts

Last updated on 2014-09-07

My readings on usability took me to the site of Jakob Nielsen, who seems to be one of the most knowledgeable persons in usability out there (from what I have read). In his site I found an article about fonts, a topic that came to my interest not long ago after reading my site and finding it awfully hard to read.

In his article “Serif vs. Sans-Serif Fonts for HD Screens“, Nielsen says that today screens are finally becoming good enough to stop using Verdana, and start using something else… But what? It is not said explicitly, but hinted where he shows how Verdana can be read even in very small size. but what better way to know what font he recommends than to check what font he uses?

Calibri seems to be the new font king. I’ll move to it shortly. Oh, and another very interesting fact: both Verdana and Calibri were created at Microsoft.

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