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Month: August 2012

What Framework is Better?

My subscription to I Programmer provides some nice reading material. I don’t read all of the content, but have found that the articles they have are short and to the point, although sometimes a bit shallow.

But this week their newsletter had two very interesting articles:

  1. JQuery Ever More Popular, published 23/08/2012.
  2. Vanilla JS Used On More Sites Than jQuery, published 25/08/2012.

This is strange… you mean that in two days Vanilla JS managed to overpass JQuery? Or maybe most sites use both Vanilla JS and JQuery, so comparing usage is just plain stupid? I mean, two sites with contradictory articles – may happen. At least one of the sites is wrong, maybe both of them are wrong. If they are both right, both articles must be trashed (otherwise the world would become inconsistent).

Or maybe this is just a prank from the guys at I Programmer, because the Vanilla JS article is cataloged under “News >> Humour” 🙂

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