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Book Review – Rework

Last updated on 2014-09-08

A friend of mine gave me Rework
two weeks ago after a talk we had over my post on how finishing things helps you finish more, and how overwork starts creeping up on you and causes you to make mistakes (my friend was in one of those one-week deadlines, working 18 hours a day minimum and it was showing). The book is about how to do things in the modern internet-services economy. I think there are many lessons that can also be learned by other fields but not all of them are applicable (for example, in the internet you can have beta versions of a product and the customers will agree to this, but I don’t think I would like to have a beta dishwasher in my house, regardless of how much this can improve the final product).

Bottom line – EXCELLENT BOOK!. It has very short chapters, each having one thing to learn. They tell us that long-term planning is just a different name for guessing, and a good excuse for delaying decisions. Products should be shown to the world as soon as they are useful so that the customers can provide feedback. Things should be simple – if you do a simple thing and you do it right, why get complicated? being simple is not BAD. The bottom line of a business is not size nor number of products, but its efficiency (money per effort). You should have “alone time” to work without interruptions – without having meetings every other hour. And more and more stuff that you can take into practice to make your work, your product and your life better.

You can also go to the author’s site for more information on what they do and their “philosophy”. Great work guys!!!

So go ahead, buy this book from, and in the way also contribute to these nice book reviews.

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