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Email in the Morning, Transparency, the Two-Pizza Rule, and Statistics – Vainolo’s Weekly Reading

Don’t Check Your Email in the Morning
Why do you check your email in the morning? Because something crucial may have happened overnight. Get over it. Most things are not urgent, and if they are, you won’t be able to handle them before you are sitting in your office. So you will only become anxious and get stressed. So stop it.

The Transparency Paradox: How Transparency Can Force Your Best Employees to Hide
A transparent work environment can create happier employees, but only if mixed with a high sense of autonomy and the possibility of failure. Otherwise this is not real transparency, but a one-way glass.

The Science Behind Why Jeff Bezos’s Two-Pizza Team Rule Works
Bezos’s Two-Pizza Team rule shows up a lot, and this post explains why it works. The basic idea is that as a team grows linearly, the interactions between team members grow exponentially. And interaction between people take a lot of time an effort. Specially for software developers who would only like to interact with their computers .

Statistical Significance Does Not Equal Validity (or Why You Get Imaginary Lifts)
Everybody loves doing A/B testing, and those who know some statistics may say that testing is over when you have “statistical significance”. As this post explains us, this is not enough, and may even give completely wrong results if the test is stopped too early.