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Book Review – Managing Humans: Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager

Last updated on 2012-12-10

First, if you are a manager of a software team PLEASE go and read this book (available from
) and read it. But only after you have read The Mythical Man-Month). And if you are not a manager, also read this book because it will teach you why it is also important to manage your manager.

After 3 years managing first a team of 4-5 (VERY young) programmers and 2 more years as an system architect and acting manager of three programming teams (3-5 programmers each),
trying to balance being a manager and a software developer who loves to program and wants to do it, this book rang many bells in my mind while reading it. It also explains to you politics an organization, how it is important for you to help your boss even if he is stupid (because he is your image to the upper management), how meetings should be handled and who should be in these meetings (and what to do if they are not there), and much more stuff that is just enlightening. And the writing is clear, concise, short chapters that can be read in 10-15 minutes which I think is just the perfect length.

Oh, and the book finished with the perfect “dessert”: a very rich glossary that is both really funny and sometimes sadly true. Some of my favorites: “Architect: An engineer who knows what he/she is doing”, “Background Check: A pre-hire check employers use to determine whether or not you are a serial murderer”, “Database: A handy place to stick data if you like your data organized and structured”, “HR (Human Resources): Happy people who help you do very unhappy things.”, “Software Development Lifecycle The time between when someone has a clever idea and when that idea is beaten to death and is no longer making money”… I could keep going, but why if you have already bought the book?

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