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Book Review – The Journey

The JourneyAnother venture into the “I can cure myself” theme that I started with I Can See Clearly Now, Brandon Bayes tells her story managed to hear herself from cancer, with no drugs, no operations, just by herself, trying to understand what was causing her this damage and how she could let go rid of it.

What can I say… I understand that her story is true, and I believe that miracles happen. But this woman was doing Yoga every day, eating the best food possible, meditating, and still, cancer got to her! And then she went and revived a trauma that she had as a child, which cured her from everything. Simply awesome. She then decides to define the method and teach it all over the world.

Man. I just wish it was always that simple. I just wish 🙁

If you want to read the book, you can buy it from amazon.





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