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The Wonderful World of Podcasts

Did you know that handwriting may be better for taking notes than a computer? Or that blind persons can see, literally, see? Or that underhanded shots are better than overhand shots? Probably not, and neither did I.

Enter the wonderful world of podcasts.

I’ve been a podcast listener for quite a while, and focused mainly on technological podcasts: the Stack Exchange, Reversim, On Computing, and others. Freakonomics was the exception, not the rule.

This year I transitioned to a new position at work – I’m working on Educational products – and started reading all blogs/articles about the subject, and many directed me to one subject which always interested me: the human brain. How we learn, how we react to others, why others react like they do. The human mind is a big mystery, and because of this it is WAY more interesting than technology, especially as developers (like me in my spare time) are all the time just reinventing the wheel in new sizes and colors, and adding more Yaks for all of us to shave.

I now have to stop myself from doing a longer ride to work just so I can hear one more episode of Invisibilia. And I eagerly wait for the next episode of Revisionist History to get out. The content, stories, research, and thoughts are just awesome.

So if you are not yet in this world, you definitely should come and join us all the podcast subscribers. And if you are, please leave a comment with your favorite podcast and I’ll add it to my growing list of stuff to listen to.

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