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On leadership, the developer’s job and speed, and the lead’s paradox – Vainolo’s Weekly Readings

Agile and Leadership – Turn the Ship Around
A leader-follower team has one head telling others what to do. But a great team works with Leader-Leader behavior: you don’t have to be the leader to say how things should be done, and if you say it right (and your leader has your trust), your will be the one guiding the ship.

Your Job Is Not to Write Code
Dear developers, we know that you love to write code. But this is only a small part of your job, as you need to check that your code works, that it does what it should do. You’ll also be fighting against working with many build, test, or deploy infrastructures that you need to learn and understand. And you need to think what stupid unexpected user behaviors you must handle. And so much more! So yes, you won’t be coding that much… maybe now is a good time to start crying.

Your developers aren’t slow
What is slowing down developers? The usual – unclear requirements, changing requirements, and context switching. Things just never change.

A Tech Lead Paradox: Consistency vs. Improvement
Having a consistent world helps us understand it better, but to make improvements you need to break the consistency, which may cause confusion. As always, it’s a balancing game.

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