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On Motivation, Obligations, Alerting, and the MLP – Vainolo’s Weekly Readings

How a Small Change Can Boost Your Motivation and Performance
I love empirical psychology that helps us learn how to trick ourselves into being more motivated and having a better performance. This article shows how long-term goals and personal targets make for better motivators than external factors like paybacks or titles. Very interesting.

The Obligation of the Programmer
“We programmers. We rule the world. We write the rules that make our society work.”. But with great power comes great responsibility, that we must all take.

My Philosophy on Alerting
Learnings from a Google Site Reliability Engineer. “Every time my pager goes off, I should be able to react with a sense of urgency… Every page should be actionable… Every page should require intelligence to deal with: no robotic, scriptable responses”. Very good insights.

Beyond MVP: 10 tips for creating your Minimum Loveable Productmlp

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