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Autumn Cleaning

Last updated on 2020-01-16

Somewhere in my life, it became quite important to me not wasting other people’s time (probably because I hate when other people waste my time…). This is sometimes counter-productive as good human interaction requires wasting time – small chat, watching and talking about sports… (and yes, I have more than one friend, if you are asking), but this is how I live.

So in the spirit of not wasting time, and as I think most of the people reading this blog want my technical content, I have decided to split my blog into three two blogs, dedicated to the main topics I tend to write about:

  • Technical blog (also my main blog, so this is where you’ll land if you go to talks mainly about software, software development, and management of software development projects.
  • Personal blog: where I rumble and mumble about anything not directly related to software, and sometimes post pictures of art/lego done by my kids.
  • Investment blog: the name says it all. Didn’t update it much in the last year but I hope to give it new content soon.

So if you are subscribed to the RSS of this blog, you will continue to receive updates of this blog. And if you also want to subscribe to my other blogs… just go ahead and subscribe.

And since when does autumn have an ‘n’ at the end?

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