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Weekly Reading Material – 03/04/2014

Here are some interesting articles from my last week of internet reading. Enjoy.

How Fast Web is Impairing How You Think
Slow down and smell the flowers, because the fast pace can hurt you. “One of the byproducts of a fast-paced internet lifestyle is the crushing weight of information — and inside this snowball is where the danger lies. You’re more likely to get tricked into believing false information when you’re tired and distracted.”

Comprehensive introduction to the microservices architecture by the famous Martin Fowler (co-author of Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code). Explains what is the architecture, how it works, and why you should embrace it. Must read!

The Top 5 Counter-Intuitive Ways To Rock Your Corporate Culture
Provoking article on this “culture” thingie everyone is talking about. For example “I’m a big non-believer in work-life balance. I’ve found that those who need it the most often aren’t loving their work or their life or their relationships, and therefore need to build in structures to support and protect both. If you work 80 hours a week and are in flow, and you’re happy with your life, relationships and impact, then personally, I’m leaving you alone”. I don’t agree with many things, but makes some points.

Our Dangerous Obsession With The MVP
We all praise the MVP, but we should take care not to fall in the IKEA effect: when you make something yourself, you value it way more than you should. The goal of the MVP is to bring in real customers to use your product. “You can’t build great products in the dark, without a well-defined customer. And you can’t develop the right product for your customer if you fall in love with a prototype that nobody wants to buy.”

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