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Weekly Reading Material – 27/03/2014

Here are some interesting articles from my last week of internet reading. Enjoy.

How to be a sane programmer, The Stress Of Being A Computer Programmer Is Literally Driving Many Of Them Crazy, and I Knew a Programmer that Went Completely Insane
Three related posts about the programmer culture. Some say that a real programmer must code all day and night, with passion, and that someone that doesn’t go home and continue programming is not a real programmer. On the “imposter syndrome” and the “real programmer syndrome” and other goodies.

“[I knew a programmer who]  was one of the hardest workers I had seen in the industry. He would frequently stay after hours to work on projects; He was always available when management needed someone to rush a job out over the weekend…. His willingness to push himself to get a job done is what they liked about him. However, his productivity was not so great when he landed in a mental institution [my emphasis]”.

Food for thought.

The End of Agile: Death by Over-Simplification
Interesting analysis about the current state of Agile and why it is broken. I also think that Agile has gone too far and we need to find a better place in the middle where Agile and up-front design can co-exist.

Beware the One-Person Team
“Many engineers and managers are familiar with the risks of large teams… unfortunately, managers and technical leads sometimes overcorrect for this problem. They attempt to maximize efficiency by staffing single-person projects”. But having only one person running a project has also many drawbacks (like the “bus factor”, which is the possibility of one of the team members being hit by a bus J. First time I’ve heard the term, and loved it).

Google Public DNS Server Traffic Hijacked and Redirected
Just a reminder that even the big and strong can fall to hacking. This is very serious.

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