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Weekly Reading Summary – 07/03/2014

Last updated on 2014-03-23

Some very interesting non-technical material this week. But as you know, the biggest problem in software development is not technical, it’s human.

The Science of Failure: Why Highly Successful People Crave Mistakes
We are hard-wired to reject failures – rejecting them, having excuses, and simply ignoring them. But we should embrace failures, and learn from them all the time

Have i been pwned?
With millions of accounts being stolen all the time (Adobe, Snapshat, Gawker, Forbes), your account may have been compromised, without you even knowing it. This site helps you check if your account is one of the millions there. You can even subscribe to get updates when new attacks are found and your mail is part of the hacked accounts.

Do What Is Important
“we mistake urgency for importance. “Do this now” is easy to understand and follow, and if something’s urgent, shouldn’t it be done sooner than later?”, so we end up doing the urgent things, and missing the important ones.

Complaint-Driven Development
Doing Lean? Agile? Scrum? What you really want to do is CDD – Complaint Driven Development:

  • Get your software in front of as many real users as you can.
  • Listen to all the things they complain about. It will be… a lot.
  • Identify and fix the top 3 things people keep repeatedly complaining about.
  • Do it again.

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