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Weekly Reading Summary – 27/02/2014

Last updated on 2014-09-07

This week something terrible happened… on Monday my RSS feed went down to ZERO!!! Disaster. But the next day I woke up with 100+ new articles, so never mind :-). Here’s my weekly update:

Your Code Ain’t Your To-Do List
How many times have you added a “TODO:…” row in your code? Do you really get “TODO” what you wrote there? “Code is great for many things. Managing tasks isn’t one of it. But you probably already have some kind of issue tracker in your project. If you find something that needs fixing in your code: put it there. There you can discuss it, compare it to alle the other tasks at hand in order to decide what is most important.” (I previously wrote about how “Temporary code” becomes permanent. This is also what happens with many “TODO” comments)

Know your HTTP
A set of very useful posters with all HTTP methods, status codes, and methods

Crypto Primer, Understanding Cryptography, Certificates, Public/Private Key and Digital Signatures
A simple and fun introduction to cryptography

Two Reasons Why Estimates Aren’t Worth It
“As long as we cannot eliminate the unknown from software projects, we must accept the fact that estimates are only guesses. This means that estimates shouldn’t be used to make any assumptions about the budget or schedule of a software project.”


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