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Gittip – A New Way to Give Back

The classic way to give thanks to a developer/blogger for their work is by giving them donations, usually through Paypal. But Paypal is both limited (donations have an upper limit) and non-recurrent (at least from what I know).

EnterĀ Gittip, a new way to thank others. Specifically, it is for people that are continuously doing things that help you, and you want to encourage them to continue. For example, if you found a site that provides great tutorials on a subject, and you would love to see more tutorials coming, you can give him money to spend more time doing tutorials.

I think it is a great idea. If you are doing something that changes the world – add yourself to Gittip.

And if you want to support my work (My GEF tutorials and the Object-Process Programming language), you can click on the Gittip icon that should be somewhere on your screen.

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