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DevOpsDays TLV 2013 Reading List

Last updated on 2013-10-09

A list of all the books mentioned in the DevOpsDays TLV 2013 presentations and tweeter feed. There are some duplicates because some books were mentioned more than once.

John Willis – @botchagalupe

Nati Shalom – @natishalom

Arjen Eriks – @DrozerT

Stephen Nelson-Smith – @LordCope (presentation and reading list)

Aviran Mordo – @aviranm

Evgeny Zislis – @kesor6

Avishai Ish-Shalom – @nukemberg

Lindsay Holmwood – @auxesis

Yuval Yeret – @yuvalyeret

David Virtser – @poison_dv

Tweeter feed:

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