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Book Review – Thief of Time & Feet of Clay

I read these two books during my last vacations. While I enjoyed them a lot (as usual for most Pratchett books), they are not very deep so I decided to put them together in one review.

Thief of Time is a simple and funny novel, with not many special things going on (the plot is OK, sometimes slow but entertaining), until the Auditors start behaving strangely and learn that feelings can cause you to behave irrational… and there is nothing you can do about it. Simply hilarious. Also in this book the four horsemen are summoned, but some of them seemed to have lost their touch. It is amazing how giving them human feelings and actions makes them so funny. In summary, enjoyed the book, but not much more than that.

Feet of Clay is also a very enjoyable book, which tackles the stupid (but widely accepted) idea that we need someone to rule over us (a King). Interlaced into this we also have a new she-dwarf (Cheery Littlebottom)┬áthat decides that she-dwarfs can be “feminine”, even though they have a beard. And Angua plans to live the city… Lot’s of fun in one book.

Happy reading!


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