Improving the Performance of my Blog

Yesterday I checked the Google Analytics for my site and saw that the average page load time is approaching 8 seconds! that is way too much time (almost double what most people are willing to wait for a site to load, which is about 4 seconds). For all of you who have suffered, I’m really sorry.

My site is hosted in a very low-cost hosting service and uses WordPress, with a number of plugins, add-ins, and widgets. For starters, I’m removing all unnecessary items from my site (yes, EVERYTHING) to see how things improve. If you are missing something, please do tell me by leaving a comment. And if you have any ideas that can help make my site faster, do tell me also.


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3 thoughts on “Improving the Performance of my Blog

  1. here’s my breakdown:

    seems straightforward: your hosting sucks, with 5.65 seconds to start giving me that 30kb – I would guess it’s the time apache/php takes to generate the page, might be mysql. best guess would be disk access.
    jquery costs almost a second, and jetpack roughly the same.
    have you tried some performance analysis at the server?

      1. How about AWS for complete control, flexibility and scalability?
        Try out the free usage tier for 12 months, then decide 🙂

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