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Book Review – The Appeal, by John Grisham

I usually like books by John Grisham. They are easy to read, have a good plot, the characters are neither too complex nor simple. Just fun reading to pass the time without having to re-read entire paragraphs just to understand what he was trying to say (Try reading “God in search of Man” and you will understand what I’m saying). A 480 page book in 4 days. Not bad.

The Appeal didn’t disappoint me in any of these criteria. It is an exiting book that begins with a litigation case over some large-corporation misdoings that caused the death of many people in a small-town in the USA (similar to the plot of The Pelican Brief by the same author). But then the plot changes because after the case is won by “the good side”, the corporation appeals, and begins a no-limits war in order for the appeal to succeed. The story has many surprises… and writing more would spoil most of the book (once again showing how the plot, while complex, is very simple at the end).

The book tells much about what the author thinks about corporate America, how the system “really” works and what money can buy… which is almost everything except for happiness. I agree with him in some points, but in others I disagree. But I leave it up to you. “Read”, on the Vainolo scale.

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