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Starting an Eclipse Plug-In Project From Scratch – The Tycho and Travis CI Way

Last updated on 2014-09-07

Eclipse Tycho is a Maven plugin for building eclipse components. I’m not such a fan of Maven because it feels too much like black magic, but on the other hand it is the de-factor build tool used in java (sounds familiar… Oh, I know – “UML is the de-factor software modeling language”, a sentence written in almost all UML papers). Anyway, what I want is to start a new project from scratch and get off with my right foot. So the first thing I am going to do is create my projects and before I do any coding, I’m going to set up CI using Travis CI. I already have an eclipse project using Travis, but my configuration in this project is not the standard eclipse configuration, where you have a special project called “releng” (release engineering) where the pom file that connects all of your projects is located. So I followed this great tutorial by┬áChristian Pontesegger, which shows how to configure the eclipse projects in the standard way. Done, tested locally, everything builds. But now I have a problem – Travis expects me to have a pom file in the root directory! But no, travis is smarter than this. It is so smart that it lets you run any script you want! So what I did is add this simple line to the .travis.yml file:

script: "mvn -f .releng/pom.xml install"

And it worked! (it took me way to many changes to get things right… I urgently need more sleep!). So now my CI is green, and I can start coding.

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