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Month: December 2012

Book Review – Snuff

If you have read any of my previous book reviews, you know I am a big fan of Terry Pratchett. Sadly, Snuff was not good. To tell the truth, it was actually pretty bad; it was the first time I started looking forward in his books to see where the chapter ends so that I can go to sleep.

Snuff tells the story of an adventure that captures Sam Vimes while he is on vacations in the country with his wife. It seems that Vimes acquired a number of “super powers” since the last time I read about him, so I must have skipped a book or two in the line, but this never seemed to bother me before. Now it did. Sam seems to be a kind of superman that can do all kinds of magical and mystical things. There are many characters in the Discworld series who have superpowers, but they are never used so many times to solve all of their problems. In Snuff, the plot is a bit too centered in him. Maybe that what Pratchett’s idea.

Not that the book is so bad. It is funny and easy to read (as always), but it didn’t have any of the WOW moments that I usually get from reading his books. I really hope this doesn’t happen anymore.

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