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Reading Strange Product Information – Jumex Juice

Last updated on 2014-09-07

Jumex is a company that produces really tasty juices, which are now being imported to Israel.


Their taste is incredible (although probably they have a lot of sugar…). Being a strange person (or maybe too bored), I started reading the nutritional information, and below it, all the small letters telling the name of the importers in every country, and their addresses.

Now these are strange addresses to read on a product:

Jumex Costa Rica: Heredia, La Valencia: from the junction of “Autos Xiri-Peugeot”, 600 meters to the east, in front of “Bimbo” Costa Rica.

Agricorp: From the national lottery, 300 meters down (what do you mean by down? underground?)

Jumex Colombia: Las Americas industrial park, kilometer 1.8 of 80th street avenue (medellin freeway), junction branch “la ramada”, north side, lot 307.

Are these really the “formal” directions for getting to these places? So if you want to send a letter to “Agricorp”, is that the address you write on the envelope? Yea, right…

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