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Book Review – Childhood’s End

Last updated on 2012-12-09

A classic sci-fi book by Arthur C. Clark, Childhood’s End is a very enjoyable book.

The end of the human race has come, but in a way that nobody expected. Before we could reach the stars, the stars came to us, and with them came the Overlords, which basically told the world to behave itself or else (just like a father). Those who didn’t behave got their punishment, and everyone understood.

After a while the world became a very pacific place, but it seems that without war creativity was also destroyed, no new inventions made, no technological breakthroughs achieved. But this does not matter, because after a while a new generation of humans is born; a new kind of human. And with this, the childhood of the human race ends.

Overall a nice book, nothing revolutionary, nothing unexpected, but enjoyable. Like all books in the world, it is also available from amazon.

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