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How To Create A Private Git Repository Server

Last updated on 2012-12-09

A year ago I created a git repository in my linux box at home using a tool called gitosis, but since then I had to “lend” my servers to the kids (I have no TV at home, they can only watch movies which my wife and I put in the computer. Call us crazy, but we think that until they are a lot older – say 13-14 – they are unable to understand the things that you see on TV nowadays, even in the middle of the day. Ah, and I had to lend them my server because their computer broke down). I finally bought them a new computer and received back mine, in which I installed debian and am currently starting to configure.
Ok. To the point. Gitosis has been deprecated and now the tool to use is gitolite. Since you are reading this you are probably the kind of person who reads things, so I won’t bother you more, just read the howto in their site. I only have one thing to add. If things don’t work, check that you have created a “git” user before installing gitolite, and are doing the installation from this user. The first two times I tried to install it didn’t work and after checking their FAQ on SSH problems, I read that the “git” user should have SSH access, but I didn’t have a “git” user!!! So well, I created it and everything worked fine.
I also installed it using “sudo”, so that it is globally installed in my server. Don’t know if that matters, but since I can, why not? Happy cloning.

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