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CoffeScript – Syntactic Sugar for JavaScript

Last updated on 2012-12-09

I attended today a meetup about CoffeeScript. I am not a javascript programmer (and never was),  but CoffeeScript seemed to me from the presentation as a language that compiles to JavaScript, and was created to fix the problems that exist in that language (the hilarious WAT video shows some of them, but a nice series of blog posts here, here and here)
It seems that the creators got a bit carried away an created a new language full of syntactic sugar which to my taste does not make things more simple or better, it just makes them different…

Maybe in 3-4 years we’ll be seeing the many blog posts on “how CoffeeScript is hard” :-). Or maybe not. We need to change the way we program in a more radical way. Otherwise we are putting some makeup to make the language better but the basic inherent problems remain.

But this is only my humble (but strong) opinion.

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