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Book Review – Making Money

Last updated on 2012-12-09

Taking a rest from all the serious reading I have done in the last couple of weeks, I decided to go and have some fun reading Terry Pratchett‘s Making Money.

The book was quite fun, although not as great as Interesting Times, Mort or Reaper Man (Death is hilarious). It also seems to me that I should have read Going Postal before reading Making Money, because now I already know how it will end. Also, the book takes longer to get interesting than the usual Pratchett Book, but we can’t always expect perfection.

Nevertheless, there are a number of jewels in the book, all of them about the banking systems, and all very relevant in the current state of affairs of the world.

“Master, I protest! Banking is not a Game!” – Bent
“Dear Mr. Bent, it is a game. And it’s an old game, called ‘What can we get away with?'” – Lipwig

So enjoy your book, and support my very healthy reading habits by purchasing this book from (or any other of the books linked above).

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