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Book Review – The Monk Who Sold His Ferrary

Last updated on 2014-08-30

Since I am an avid book reader and love what books can teach us, I’m will start writing short book reviews of the books I finish, not only to share them with the world, but also for me to better understand what I received from the book and what was in it. Some times a book is read so fast that after finishing it there is no recollection of it’s contents, so this is what I’m trying to fix. While not one of my typical subjects, I sometimes read popular self-improvement (this is how my categorization of the book) books like The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny. Since this is a very popular self-improvement book my expectations where not very high, and I have to say that I positively surprised. The book is a very fluent read, great for before-bed reading because the chapters are fairly short and the language is not complicated. The book provides tools and techniques to improve mental wellness, which in turn (as said in the book) should improve all other aspects of your life. Although the book is full of cliches, overused sentences and shallow conversations, it does state very “common sense” stuff which (as the book states in another overused sentence), “common sense is not so common”. In a literary sense the book is very close to junk, but if you are reading in the right state of mind and are open to allow only the important point to enter your mind you will probably enjoy this book, and it is definitely worth the time spent reading it.

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