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Month: July 2011

Sob! I Broke My Laptop :-(. Help Me Continue Coding

After I managed to break the screen of my android phone 6 months ago, and my NAS broke down a month ago, I opened my laptop today after taking it for a ride in the car (I wanted to do some work while waiting for my car to get fixed, but the wait was very short), and this is what I saw:

Lovely hit in the upper right corner of the screen… this is one expense to many for me lately, specially after leaving my job to study a Ph.D.
So please, if you like my tutorials and value the time I have put in them (and will be putting after I find a way to continue working), donate a buck or two (or ten or twenty) so I can get my laptop fixed (or buy a new one if fixing it costs too much). The donation button is located in the upper right corner of the blog.
Or if you live in Israel and have a spare laptop (powerful to support serious java development), leave me a comment.
Your help will be greatly appreciated.