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But really, can I?

Last updated on 2012-12-11

Every time I make a decision this question comes to my head… Can I change this later?

The answer is not always easy.

If I buy clothing, there is no problem changing it. Same thing for basic electronics.

But when the cost is high, this becomes more difficult, which makes the decision-making process time and energy consuming. For example, after I bough an android developer phone and it stopped working after 3 days (record) I am now unable to buy a new smartphone… The money payed for the phone was reimbursed, but the psychological scar in my consciousness is still there and now I am unable to choose a new phone because I don’t want to feel that I made a wrong choice again.

No wonder people don’t want to marry (Somehow my marriage has lasted 11 years and 3 children and we are very happy). Divorce is an option, but one that no one takes into account when they do get married.

But change is inevitable, and we never know all of the variables that must be taken into account in any decision, and must make it because that is what we do all day, make decisions. So I made a decision and gave this blog it’s title.

And that is that.

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  1. Yes, you can!
    I just added your RSS feed to my Reader – looking forward to reading your posts 🙂

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