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Book Review – A Game of Thrones (Book one of A Song of Ice and Fire)

I heard so much about Game of Thrones the last couple of months that I could not stop myself from seeing the series, and WOW! It was incredible. And after a friend of mine told me that the series was based on a book (actually a series of books), I just had to read the book, because most of the time the book is a lot better than the movie/series (I remember one book which was worse than the movie… but forgot its name).

In the case of Game of Thrones, I have to admit that the people at HBO have done a very good job, also because that unlike a movie, they have a whole series, so the job is easier. But still, there are hidden gems in the book that could only be added to a picture using “thinking bubbles”, and this would definitely spoil it (but it would be funny though).

One thing I have started to notice in books that I like is how the author helps me create a picture of what is happening in the book, by describing colors, scent, what is being cooked, what is the weather, etc.¬†George R. R. Martin does a great job here, describing the ingredients of the dishes that are eaten ate the great meals (made my mouth water more than once), the clothes that the people wear… He definitely made his research.

Regarding the story on the book, it is simply incredible, twisting and turning and full of surprises. Definitely a must-read for novels and fantasy aficionados.

And remember, Winter is coming (I love that sentence).

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