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How Twitter Flattens the World

I love Tweeter. I was once a Tweeter skeptic – what can one say in only 140 characters? I thought of it as another example of the modern culture of superficiality – where you don’t have to go deep to understand anything.

Boy was I wrong. Since joining Tweeter this year, it has become my communication hub, specially since Google decided to scrap Google Reader. Instead of subscribing to blogs using RSS, I now follow the writers of the blog, and doing this I also get some extra stuff that are not published in a blog (thoughts that are not long enough for a blog post but short enough for a tweet). This is the story of one of these “extras”.

If you are a software developer, and you haven’t been under a rock for the last 10+ years, you have surely read/heard about Kent Beck, the creator of Extreme Programming. This guy is really popular. A while ago he tweeted one of his thoughts:

Interesting… but what does he think should come first? Do it, or do it right? Well, this is tweeter, no walls anywhere… so I decided to ask him the question:

To my greatest surprise, he answered (surprise because he is followed by ~45K people, and I’m surely not the only one who replies to his posts):

Wow! The world is definitely getting flat.

Edit: @KentBeck posted an extended analysis of this thought in a full blog post. Very interesting reading material.

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