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Month: September 2014

On Code Reviews, DevOps Culture, Why companies fail to change, and Why software development is Hard – Vainolo’s Weekly Reading

Don’t waste time on Code Reviews
Code reviews are good, but they should not be overused. Research has shown that most of the bugs are found by the first reviewer, and from the second one onwards the cost is not worth the returned value (most of the time). Actually, self-code reviews (re-reading your code a while after writing it) can count as a very effective code review.

DevOps: Tools Vs Culture
Using DevOps tools does mean you have a DevOps culture, just as developing in sprints mean you are agile. “the DevOps culture is one of high standards… The tools around test driven development, agile processes and continuous integration have come from a cultural desire to raise the quality and consistency of delivered software”.

The Bystander Effect: Why companies fail to change
In psychology there is a phenomenon called the “bystander effect”, where people are less likely to help a victim when there are other people around. Even worse, the more people around, the less they are likely to help. The bystander effect also explains why it is harder to make changes in big companies – we assume that others around/above you are already aware of the problems, so they will be fixing them. Most of the time we are wrong.

Why Is Software So Hard To Develop?
Most of us fail on step 1: “You are confident that you know what you want the computer to do”.